106 South Moffet Avenue

Circa 1902 Free Classic Queen Anne

Featured architectural details are Ionic columns and Hitching post


Thomas  Nolan was a prominent business man and nephew to one of Joplin’s most noted citizens, Thomas Connor who built the Connor Hotel. Uncle Thomas gave his nephew and wife, this residence as a wedding gift in 1902. The home is largely in the Queen Anne style but might have been called transitional.This elegant house once featured a wraparound open-air porch. The Ionic columns that support the porch and tongue-and-groove ceiling remain. At some point, the owners removed the side porch then in 1969, the porch was enclosed. American architecture in post-World War II dramatically changed. The noisy automobile and air-conditioning caused people to retreat into their homes or enclose their porches.

At the turn of the century, health experts recommended fresh air for the treatment of tuberculosis and for overall health. This medical trend resulted in the addition of sleeping porches to homes. The second story because the air was better at higher elevations and the height provided privacy.