505 South Byers

Valley of Joplin Scottish Rite Cathedral

Circa 1923 ~ Beaux-Arts style

Bronze double doors, Light windows with “Union Jack” lights, Art glass, Keystone and spandrels with floral motif panels.


The Scottish Rite

The cathedral event facilities are available to rent for a variety of activities.  All visitors are welcome. Tours are available to individuals and groups by appointment.

 The interior of the Cathedral has not been significantly altered and displays its original floor plan and arrangements.  The floor and staircase are solid marble, mined and imported from Italy.  The basement level contains a kitchen and large dining room.  The first floor has a large lobby, meeting hall, and various rooms used as libraries, most beautiful and the largest room on the first floor.  Carpet has been added and the walls are plaster with grained butterfly oak wainscoting from Italy.  The second floor is composed of a small lobby and auditorium with a proscenium stage.  Fellowship Lodge 345 AF&AM and Temple Chapter 95 OES hold their meetings on the second floor.

 The Scottish Rite, Valley of Joplin, was instituted on June 18, 1901, with twenty-five members.  They first met at 5th and Main.  They later moved their meetings to the Old Stephens Hotel at 819 Main, where they remained for nineteen years.  Membership in 1923 was 1256 members. The cost to build this building in 1902’s was $350.00. The cost of building just the Cathedral would be approximately $7.5 million dollars in today’s dollars.

The Missouri Advisory Council on Historic Preservation placed the Scottish Rite Building on the National Register of Historic places in 1990.