218 South Sergeant

William Houk House

Circa 1903 ~ American Foursquare: Classical elements

Oculus window, Art glass, Hitching posts

William Houk Born 1853:  Died 1911 Original Owner of 218 South Sergeant Avenue American Foursquare/Classical Elements, Circa 1903

A graduate of the Cincinnati Law School, he wed Edna Catherine Jackson in 1891. Mr. Houk consolidated several mining operations into the Conqueror Zinc Co. serving as its president with his wife as vice president. In 1905 he co-founded the Conqueror Trust Company, and was elected president. Mrs. Houk, was an early feminist, a prohibition activist, poet and writer of short stories. She published a book in 1893 called “Women Wealth Winners: How Women Can Earn Money.”