130 South Moffet

Circa 1905

Dutch Colonial Reveval

The house was built for its first residents, Albert and Helen Newman.  Mr. Newman was associated with Newman’s Mercantile (Department Store) along with his brother Solomon Newman, his father Joseph Newman, and brother-in-law Gabriel Newburger.

 Sol Newman eventually came to live at 115 S Moffet.  Gabe and Viola lived at 110 S Moffet, which was razed in 2004 due to extreme deterioration.  The Newmans and Newburgers were members of Joplin’s United Hebrew Congregation at 702 S Sergeant and played major roles in Joplin business and society.  

The Newman Department store building at 602 S Main was restored in 2004 and is now Joplin City Hall.  It is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Around 1910, the Francis and Nett (Murphy) Sharp family and their “servant” rented the Newman house until their house was built at 212 S Moffet.