Annual Membership Meeting

Morgan’s Grocery Store

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2016 Murphysburg Annual Membership Meeting

Location: Morgan’s Grocery Store, circa 1934, 505 West Second Street

Hosts: Dr. Blake Webster and Dr. Amykay Cole

Date: Friday, October 14, 6:30 pm

Guest speaker:  Bill Caldwell, columnist and Librarian for the Joplin Globe

Morgan’s Store was originally owned by Roy and Virginia Morgan, who lived at 124 South Byers to the east of the store. Roy served as the butcher and Virginia usually ran the cash register, together they operated the store for 29 years. This was a Mom & Pop store that served the neighborhood, offering accounts, allowing patrons to charge purchases and pay on a regular basis.

The market was also a home to Darryl Dishman’s art studio on the second floor, a residential rental in the 80’s and from 2007 to 2014 Madison Lane Interiors.  The interior decorator partners did an extensive restoration to building to house their array of quintessential home décor.

Help Murphysburg welcome to our neighborhood the new owners of Morgan’s Grocery Store.    Dr. Blake Webster and Dr. Amykay Cole.  They have re-purposed the Depression Era concrete block commercial building into their clinical psychology office.