118 South Moffet Avenue

Circa 1902 ~ Queen Anne

Featured architectural detail. oriel window


Benedict Landauer House

Mr. Landauer owned Landauer Wholesale Liquor, founded in 1876, with offices at 306 Main Street and a warehouse at 208 Main Street, Joplin.  He was also a member of the Joplin Zouaves, a local militia which dressed in Turkish uniforms.

The current homeowners found original liquor advertising handbills dated 1910 under the attic floor during their restoration.  Note: Prohibition started around 1920.

The Landauer family is buried in one of the two Jewish sections of the cemetery.  Traditionally, mourners may leave a rock on the monument to show they had visited.

His home in Murphysburg displays a typical full-width Queen Anne asymmetrical design, hipped porch roof with pediment above the steps. The classical columns are supported by square brick plinths with delicate turned balustrade between the columns. The engaged porch is supported by tall tapered wood columns on brick plinths, which provides access to the offset entrance.