536 North Wall Avenue

circa 1905 | Austin Allen, Architect

North Heights Neighborhood  |  Local Historic Landmark

A native of Springfield, Massachusetts, Frederick Rogers pursued a career in the lumber business in Michigan and later in St. Louis. Hearing of the riches to be made in mining on the other side of the state, Mr. Rogers moved to Joplin in 1900. He was an active civic leader and reputedly was one of the first to own an automobile.  Sadly Mr. Rogers died in 1906, shortly after his home was completed.  His wife, Mary Evangeline Rogers and her daughters lived here until 1917. 

 William and Edith Cotton Landreth, the second owners, renovated the house and added a chandelier brought from Europe.  He owned the Landreth Machinery Company, donated land that would become known as Landreth Park, and was active in civic and philanthropic endeavors.  Both were heavily involved and influential in the community.

The distinguished local architect, Austin Allen designed this house by combining several popular styles and used Neoclassical elements.  The woodwork is mostly hand-carved oak imported from Europe and the dining room has mahogany paneling and ceiling beams.  Leaded glass accents the bay window on the north side of the house.

 Owner, Kenneth Meisinger said, “I enjoy the North Heights Neighborhood due to the eclectic mix of people who are also good neighbors.  We stay connected on our Facebook page and by staging social and service events throughout the year.”  This house is on Airbnb® and is FOR SALE.