Wilson Hutton District

117 North Moffet Avenue

Circa 1906 ~ American Foursquare Craftsman

Frederick and Fannie Wilbur were the first owners of this house that is technically located in the Wilson- Hutton residential district just three doors north of the Murphysburg Historic District. At one time, Mr. Wilbur was a clerk for a powder (ammunition) company. In 1917, a library and second-story master suite was added to the house by owners Frank and Herma (Letts) Weeks, barely one year before Mr. Weeks registered for the World War I draft. Mr. Weeks was associated with numerous mines in Missouri and Oklahoma and explored mining in Texas. Associates of Mr. Weeks regarded him as one of the most successful and progressive mine operators in the district and a leader in developing and improving the handling of (…wait for it…) sludge. The Weeks family enjoyed a wealthy lifestyle as evidenced by their documented trips to Havana, Cuba and Hong Kong, China.

Herma died at the age of 42 in 1931 following an accidental (mercury) chemical poisoning. When Frank died of a heart ailment in 1938 he was living at the Olivia Apartments (320 S. Moffet.)