The story of Murphysburg is an important part of Joplin’s history and we hope to provide a place for people of all ages to enjoy learning those stories. In this section of the website we will share some of the area’s rich history though stories about the homes and people who have lived in them, important historical documents, and other valuable recources.

Murphysburg honors women connected to the Murphysburg Historic District at the turn of the century during Womens History Month.

So many of the social life’s aspects have changed for women in the years. Starting with the right for education and ending with gender equality – all of this didn’t happen overnight, and many used their personal lives for a greater cause. These four women were active workers in the causes of the suffragette movement , prohibition and  supporters of everything tending to uplift the betterment of the community. They were amoung America’s early leaders in the cause for women’s rights.

William Edward “Billy” Cook was born into a life of violence. It was a hard-luck life that would carry him all the way to the Death Chamber and beyond. He was executed at California’s San Quentin prison before he was 25 years old. Is Badman Billy Cook buried in an unmarked grave just outside of Peace Church Cemetery as local rumors have suggested? 

2018 Murphysburg Veterans History Project…Patriots who served