210 South Duquesne Road.   Sale details!

Craftsman-styled house built by one of Joplin’s earliest mine operators and bankers, Alfred C. Moore.

The Moores, moved to Joplin to pursue mining and banking interests during Joplin’s lead and zinc boom, started building the house in 1916 and finished about 1919.

Moore pulled laborers from his mine that were from the old country in Europe to do the stone work with limestone,

The first floor and basement were constructed of poured, reinforced concrete. Moore owned Miners Bank, which originally was located at Fourth and Main streets next to what then was the Joplin Hotel. Both were razed for the construction of what became the Connor Hotel. Miners Bank was rebuilt at Fourth Street and Joplin Avenue. It burned in 1982.  More moved the vault from Miners Bank and put it in his new home’s basement to keep his mining rights and paper work.

The plans for the house were adapted from a design by Gustav Stuckley published in 1915 in a magazine. The Moores modified the design somewhat to fit the site and put a rolled roof on it, modeled after thatched roofs.

Years before a house was built on the property, its water drew people there.The spring was known as a gathering site for Native Americans before white pioneers came to the region.

When the Moores first acquired the property, people on horseback and in wagons stopped at the spring to drink and to carry water back to their homes. One of the lanes through the original property is called the old Stagecoach Road.

In the late 1930s the Moores established the Country Club on the property and called it Willow Vista after the willow trees that stand around the spring. The club boasted Joplin’s first Olympic-size swimming pool, a baby pool and a tennis court.

Later the home was owned by Mr. & Mrs. Wilder, from Wilde’rs restaurant .  In the mid to late 1950’s  Dr. Patterson and his wife purchased the spacious home to raise their nine children.  Mrs. Patterson renamed their beloved home Holly Hills for the holly trees that grew there.