101 South Sergeant Avenue

Circa 1908

Bay windows and gabled Dormer

While living in Joplin with wife Maude Ellen (Gregg), Jere Charlow was a bookkeeper for Picher Lead Company and a member of the Joplin Elks Club.  He left Joplin to become a clerk with the US Indian Service-Cheyenne Agency in Dewey, South Dakota.  Upon his death in 1947, he was a special disbursement agent for the US Government Interior Department in Lansing, Michigan.

The 1910 US Census listed Mr. Charlow as “Indian” (Native American) born in Wyandotte, Oklahoma in 1880.  He was an 1898 graduate of the Haskell Institute, located in Lawrence, Kansas.  The school’s current name is Haskell Indian Nations University.  The school was founded in 1884 as a residential boarding school for American Indian children.  

On April 27, 1942—at 61 years old—Mr. Charlow was obligated to register in the “Fourth Registration” of the World War II draft!  Known as the “Old Man’s Draft,” it was intended to provide the government with a register of manpower between 45-64 years of age who might be eligible for national service on the home front.