108 South Sergeant 

circa 1908 – American Foursquare; Classical elements

Bay windows, Pilasters, Carved wood pediment

Joseph Edward Garm, vice-president of Joplin National Bank, was a well-known banker and financier.

He was a member of the Joplin Rotary, president of the Joplin Parks Board, manager of Joplin Clearing House Association, president of the Missouri Bankers’ Association, and a member of the Home Building & Loan Association.

In 1946, Mr. Garm was the campaign treasurer for the proposed Tri-State World War II memorial museum in Schifferdecker Park.  The purpose was to give dignified tribute to the veterans and miners who gave their lives, and adequately display mineral specimens as well as war relics.  The prize collection of zinc-lead minerals was valued at more than a million dollars in 1946.