War Timelines

 American Revolution | 1776 to Treaty of Paris September 3, 1783

War of 1812 | Conflict between the U.S. and Great Britain from 1812 to 1815

Mexican War | Conflict between the U.S. and Mexico | 1846 to 1848

 American Civil War | April 12, 1861 and ended by proclamation on May 9, 1865

 Spanish-American War | April 21, 1898 to Paris Peace Treaty on December 10, 1898

 World War I aka the Great War | 1914 to 1918 | America enters the war 1917 | Armistice was November 11, 1918 | Treaty of Versailles outlines the terms in 1919

 World War II | Began in 1939 as a European conflict, but then widened to include most of the nations of the world | U.S. declares war on Japan, Germany, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania in December 1941 | War ends May 8, 1945

2018 United Service Organizations (the USO) during World War II

The Tale of Joplin’s Two United Service Organizations (the USO) during World War IIHMP’s philosophy is to look at historical facts with a neutral eye.  In this spirit, HMP does not honor the practice of segregation, but rather recognizes the history that shaped our...

Mr. Lee Taylor

     MR. LEE TAYLOR Born February 28, 1837 | Died December 13, 1917 Confederate Soldier | First Elected Mayor of Joplin | Mine Owner His Second to last home was located in the Murphysburg Historic Residential District at 5th and Byers AvenueIn an era of interpreting...


Mr. CHARLES SCHIFFERDECKER Born August 28, 1851 | Died October 30, 1915 Businessman | Philanthropist | Capitalist A lot can be said about Mr. Schifferdecker, one of Joplin’s most prominent citizens of his time. Originally from Baden, Germany, Mr. Schifferdecker worked...


So, just who was Mr. David Castleman Tandy and what was his connection to our area?                      Born 1823 | Died 1875 | Physician | Land SpeculatorIf you own land in the Murphysburg Historic Residential District, specifically in Section 3, or land in other...