602 North Wall Avenue

circa 1918 |  North Heights Neighborhood

 Research shows that the home was at one point owned by John Cotton who’s wife Mabel also lived in the home for many years after his death or their separation.  The original owner, history, style, and date of construction is still under investigation.  Sanborn maps in 1906 show a structure much smaller than the current structure facing east on Wall Avenue instead of south towards E Street.  Sometime after 1906, it is presumed that the smaller structure was torn down, but the Wall Avenue address remained, despite the current structure’s southward facing façade.

Rooms for Rent in Murphysburg and North Heights Neighborhoods

Guests may notice that three of the homes on the tour participate in online lodging/travel platforms, and one home has a tenant in a detached carriage house.  These situations are not new to the marketplace—here is a brief look back in history.

Due to housing shortages in Joplin during World War II and at other times in history, community leaders encouraged home owners to convert houses into duplexes, apartments, boarding houses, etc.  Also, before the 1935 Social Security Act benefits started, many widows converted their homes and carriage houses or took on borders, thus creating an income so they could remain in their homes.  Generating revenue from home sharing and capitalizing on assets is not a new concept—contemporary homeowners now just call it “Airbnb®.” 

 To reserve one of two rooms at our home, search Cozy Guest Room Joplin or Comfy Guest Room Joplin or to rent the entire house, search Spacious Home Near Downtown Joplin on Airbnb®  – Owners, Stephen and Rachel Grindle