Women of Murphysburg

Celebrating women pioneers at the turn of the century in Joplin Missouri
Four women connected to the Murphysburg Historic District at the turn of the century will be honored during March-Women’s History Month.  Historic Murphysburg Preservation, Inc., a local non-profit organization, will celebrate the past by using present day technology.  There will be a different woman featured for a week starting every Wednesday in March on HMP’s website and Facebook page.   Paula Callihan said, “We are dedicated to making history informative and fun.  Be sure to visit our Facebook page at Murphysburg and add your modern-day word/thought bubble via the comment option.”  Paula encourages community members and descendants to contact her if they have pertinent Murphysburg historical documents, photographs, maps, or oral history to share.  She reminds people that information about Murphysburg housekeepers, cooks, nursemaids, caretakers, chauffeurs, etc., is also a critical historical component.   The first woman to be highlighted will be Mildred Wilson Taylor.  Subsequent Wednesdays will highlight Wilhelmina (Mina) Martens Schifferdecker, Effie Daigler Snapp and Edna Jackson Houk.  

Edna Catherine Jackson Houk | Mrs. William Houk

Edna Catherine Jackson Houk | Mrs. William Houk,  was a supporter of everything tending to uplift and better the community, and one of America’s early leaders in the cause for women’s rights.

Effie Loraine Daigler Snapp | Mrs. Fletcher Snapp

Effie Loraine Daigler Snapp | Mrs. Fletcher Taylor Snapp,  the first woman in Joplin documented to own her own car.

Wilhelmina Martens Schifferdecker | Mrs. Charles Schifferdecker

Wilhelmina (Mina) Martens Schifferdecker | Mrs. Charles Schifferdecker, known for her generosity to people and organizations in need

Mildred Mellisa Wilson Taylor | Mrs. Lee Taylor  

Mildred Melissa Wilson Taylor | Mrs. Lee Taylor |  Mr. and Mrs. Taylor were considered one of Joplin’s earliest Pioneers