After bringing numerous holiday festivals and home tours to Joplin, Historic Murphysburg Preservation, Inc. is excited to announce this year’s event, “Home for the Holidays…in Joplin”, on December 14, 2019.

Historic Murphysburg District in Joplin, is located on Historic Route 66 (Sergeant/Moffet/Byers-between First & Seventh Streets).  Please mark your calendar and plan to attend.

  • Date/Time: Saturday – December 14, 2019 – 1:00 to 6:00 p.m.
  • Location: Joplin Houses in Historic North Heights, Murphysburg District and Downtown Lofts
  • Private Historic Homes Decorated for the Holidays
  • Decorations range from Homespun to Victorian to Modern
  • More Living History Portrayals will up the nostalgia factor and bring good tidings for all
  • HMP will educate visitors regarding the architecture, origin, home owners, and tidbits of history
  • Guests will be given a walking tour brochure so that they can return to Murphysburg for future visits
  • Advance Holiday Homes Tour tickets will be offered on-line and day-of-tour tickets sales will be offered at the Historic Unity of Joplin starting at 12:30 p.m.

Murphysburg’s Veterans History Project…

Patriots Who Served

In keeping with Murphysburg’s Veterans History Project…Patriots Who Served, HMP has highlighted what was happening during times of war in Murphysburg and Joplin.  What relationship did the residents of Murphysburg have with veterans of all conflicts or military service? We are honored to share what we discovered. 

Murphysburg Patriots


Who was Mr. David Castleman Tandy and what was his connection to our area?

   Born 1823 | Died 1875 | Physician | Land Specul8ator


Murphysburg Patriots


Born August 28, 1851 | Died October 30, 1915

Businessman | Philanthropist | Capitalist

Murphysburg’s Patriots


Born February 28, 1837 | Died December 13, 1917

Confederate Soldier | First Elected Mayor of Joplin | Mine Owner

Who owned a home in the Murphysburg Residential Historic DistrictDistrict at Fifth and Byers Avenue

Murphysburg Patriots

The Tale of Joplin’s Two

United Service Organizations (the USO)

during World War II


War timelines:


American Revolution | 1776 to Treaty of Paris September 3, 1783

    War of 1812 | Conflict between the U.S. and Great Britain from 1812 to 1815


Mexican War | Conflict between the U.S. and Mexico | 1846 to 1848

    American Civil War | April 12, 1861 and ended by proclamation on May 9, 1865

    Spanish-American War | April 21, 1898 to Paris Peace Treaty on December 10, 1898

     World War I aka the Great War | 1914 to 1918 | America enters the war 1917 | Armistice was November 11, 1918 | Treaty of  Versailles outlines the terms in 1919


 World War II | Began in 1939 as a European conflict, but then widened to include most of the nations of the world |  U.S. declares war on Japan, Germany, Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania in December, 1941 | War ends May 8, 1945

        “There is nothing new in the world except the history you do not know”  Harry S Truman

For the 2018 Joplin’s City Hall Holiday Window theme of “Winter in Cinema”, Murphysburg shared a display of the film “Joyeux Noel”.

Mary Anne Phillips, Murphysburg window committee member researched a movie appropriate for the theme, but also represented Historic Murphysburg.  She found a little-known film “Joyeux Noel” that makes the statement that means it all. When fellow committee member Paula Callihan learned about it, she knew it was a perfect choice.  It was on the eleventh day of the eleventh month in the year 2018 and people around the world would commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the end of the Great War, now known as World War I.

Joyeux Noel movie is based on a true story of an “unofficial” truce that occurred on Christmas 1914. The true spirit of holidays prevailed when soldiers from the Royal Dublin Fusiliers met their German counterparts in “No Man’s Land” around Ypres, Belgium.  Briefly, they ceased combat, shared cherished items they had and the next day resumed plans made by others. So, it began “Live and Let Live”, the unofficial peace truce, a symbolic moment in a violent war. Although the United States did not enter the war until 1917, this truce happened during the first Christmas of the war.

Featured Homes!

Arthur Waite House

616 South Sergeant
Circa 1906 ~ Colonial Revival
Architects Garstang and Rea

United Hebrew Congregation

702 South Sergeant There has been a Jewish...

The Olivia Hotel and Apartments

320 South Moffet
Olivia Apartments – Arthur Bendelari
Circa 1906 ~ Late 19/Early 20 Century Revival
Interior: Pompeian Style
Architectural details, Doric columns

The Katherine J. (Foley) Douthat House

531 South Sergeant Avenue
Circa 1932 ~ Tudor Revival
Featured architectural details, Art glass

The Frank Childress House

302 South Sergeant  ~ Circa 1922 ~ Prairie ~...

The Jesse Starr House

310 South Moffet circa ~ 1902 ~ Colonial...

Joplin Visitors and Convention Center

Stay awhile and enjoy Joplin!

Elisha Mathew/George N. Spiva House

611 South Sergeant
Circa 1902~ Colonial Revival

The William B McAntire House

524 West Fifth
Circa1905 ~ Queen Anne
Architectural details are, Palladian window, Pediment, Bay window

The Austin Allen House

112 South Sergeant ~  Circa 190~ Craftsman...

The Edward Zelleken House

406 South Sergeant
Circa 1893 ~ Queen Anne
Architectural features Parapets and Art Glass

The Benedict Landauer House

118 South Moffet Avenue
Circa 1902~ Queen Anne

Featured architectural detail. oriel window

The Henry Weymann House

508 South Sergeant’
Circa 1891 ~ Queen Anne
Architectural feature, Art Glass

The Cadi Klein House

622 South Sergeant Avenue
Circa 1900, Queen Anne
Architectual details are Doric Columns and Pediment

Morgan’s Grocery Store

505 West Second Street
Circa 1934 ~ Depression era
Concrete Block Commercial Building

Restoring A Historic Building

Looking for assistance in rehabilitating an historic building?

Home for the Holidays Christmas Tour

Starts with Bourbon Tasting on Friday Evening...

James Geddes House

301 S Sergeant Ave Late 1890s ~ Queen Anne...

Dr. Albert Newton Winchester

Dr. Albert Newton Winchester
507 South Sergeant
1905-1906 Queen Anne

The William Houk House

218 South Sergeant
Circa 1909 ~ American foursquare: Classical elements
Featured architectural detail, oculus window

Home for the Holidays… in Joplin

We are busy making plans to make this event a memorable experience. Check back to this website for ticket information and more details. See you in December!

The Adam Scott House

202 South Sergeant
Circa 1899 ~ Queen Anne
Featured architectural detail, brackets

The Oliver Shepard Picher House

210 South Sergeant
Circa 1904 ~ Colonial Revival

Featured architectural detail, modillions

Charles Schifferdecker House

422 South Sergeant
Circa 1890~ Romanesque
Featured architectural detail, hops Vines Frieze

The John Wise House

504 South Byers
Circa 1898 ~ Queen Ann
Architectural details are, Art glass, Brackets, Spindle work, Bay windows, Pediment, Fish scale
August Michaelis (Architect)

The Charles Henderson House

518 South Sergeant  Circa ~ 1917 ~ Colonial...

The Henry McNeal House

220 South Moffet
Circa 1908 ~ Craftsman
Architectual Details are,Oriel window, Art glass, Carriage steps

The Creative Cottage

Phone: (417) 438-6808 –
Address: 523 S. Sergeant, Joplin

The Frederick Wilber House

Wilson Hutton District
117 North Moffet Avenue
circa 1906 ~ American Foursquare

The Frank Sharp/ Nett Murphy House

212 South Moffet
Circa 1909 ~ Spanish Mission
Architectural details are, Mission parapet, Art glass

The Frye/BaSom House

318 South Sergeant Circa ~ 1891 ~   Second...

The Thomas Connor Nolan House

106 South Moffet
Circa 1902 ~ Free Classic Queen Anne
Featured architectural details are Ionic columns and Hitching post

The Julius Fischer House

315 South Sergeant Circa 1880's...

George Lavery House

608 South Sergeant
Circa 1899~ Queen Anne

Featured architecture, gable Detail

Valley of Joplin Scottish Rite Cathedral

505 South Byers
Circa 1923 ~ Beaux-Arts style
Bronze double doors, Light windows with “Union Jack” lights, Art glass, Keystone and spandrels with floral motif panels.

The Simon Schwartz House

420 South Byers Avenue
Circa 1890 ~ Queen Anne
C. W. Kellogg, Architect

Good Urbanism

“Urban Living”
Murphysburg area offers a place to live, shop, dine and play,

The A.H. Rogers House

623 West Fourth
Circa 1899 ~ Classical Revival
Architectural details are, Broken pediment, Art glass

The Fletcher Snapp House

501 South Sergean
Circa 1905 ~ Colonial Revival

The Thomas Lennan House

219 South Sergeant
Circa 1917 ~ Colonial Revival
Architect, Austin Allen

Featured architectural detail, door with curved pediments

The A. B McConnell/Sol Newman House

115 South Moffet
Circa 1899 ~ Free Classic Queen Anne
Features architectural details, Dentils and Art Glass

First United Methodist Church


Learn more about our the historic Murphysburg neighborhood using our interactive map!  You can virtually explore the entire Murphysburg district and learn about the people responsible for building our beautiful city!

Murphysburg Interactive Map..

Women of Murphysburg

Four women connected to the Murphysburg Historic District at the turn of the century will be honored during March-Women’s History Month.  Historic Murphysburg Preservation, Inc., a local non-profit organization, will celebrate the past by using present day technology.  There will be a different woman featured for a week starting every Wednesday in March on HMP’s website and Facebook page.

Murphysburg has gone PINK & PURPLE

In order to honor victims, patients, survivors, and their loved ones during Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the historic Murphysburg residential district (generally Sergeant and Moffet from First to Seventh Streets) is...

Home for the Holidays Christmas Tour

Starts with Bourbon Tasting on Friday Evening Date/Time: Friday - December 8, 2017 - 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. Location: Scottish Rite Cathedral-505 S. Byers Avenue, Joplin Taste Bourbon where Turn-of-the-Century Capitalists and Entrepreneurs Cultivated Business Deals and...

Joplin Area Veterans Day Parade

Joplin Area Veterans Day Parade Saturday November 5, 2016 CELEBRATE • HONOR • REMEMBER The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month Veterans Day is the solemn day to thank all those that served in our military both in wartime and in peacetime. ...

Kitchens of Murphysburg Tour

Joplin celebrates it’s 144 birthday by recognizing the place where Joplin got it’s start, “The Discovery Shaft”

Around 1860 John Cox’s servant Pete unearthed chunks of lead, while digging for fishing worms 300 yards north of the old Broadway Viaduct.  Though little mining took place at this time, the discovery shaft led to the founding of Joplin. J.B. Sergeant and  E.R....

Annual Membership Meeting

Annual Membership Meeting Morgan's Grocery Store Save the Date! 2016 Murphysburg Annual Membership Meeting Location: Morgan’s Grocery Store, circa 1934, 505 West Second Street Hosts: Dr. Blake Webster and Dr. Amykay Cole Date: Friday, October 14, 6:30 pm Guest...

Joplin Jewish Temple

Open House for the 100 Year Anniversary of Joplin’s Jewish Temple Historic Murphysburg Preservation, Inc. (HMP) will partner with the United Hebrew Congregation of Joplin when the doors of the iconic Jewish temple at 702 South Sergeant Avenue will open to the...

Monuments of Murphysburg Tour

Mount Hope Cemetery Tour Many thanks to our VOLUNTEERS! Your valuable time helping with the Monuments Tour of Historic Murphysburg at Mount Hope Cemetery on June 14th was a great success thanks to the 25 volunteers that made the tour possible and fun.     ...

Dickensfest 2010

Dickensfest 2010-2011-2012-2013-2014 Dickensfest is Joplin's Murphysburg Historic Residential District signature holiday festival. Live shows, characters, animals, nativity, petting zoo, concerts, music, arts, crafts, Olde English Village, food, Victorian Magic...

Mr. Charles Schifferdecker, Remembered & Revisited

Mr. Charles Schifferdecker, Remembered & Revisited Historic Murphysburg Preservation, Inc. (HMP) will now celebrate another era of significance by highlighting its most notable businessman and philanthropist.  On October 30 and 31, 2015, HMP’s newest event is,...

100th Year Anniversary of the Historic Frisco Building

100th Year Anniversary of the Historic Frisco Building The 100th year anniversary celebration of the historic Frisco Building, 601-605 South Main Street, Joplin, Missouri will be held on Thursday, October 17 starting at 4 p.m.  The event will be held in conjunction...


Don’t miss the Missouri Preservation Conference to be held this year in historic Boonville September 18-20. In addition to the full schedule of educational sessions, two full-day workshops will be conducted – one concerning Historic Building Development & Tax...

Past Events

Learn about our organizations past events.  Murphysburg Preservation volunteers make history fun!

For Sale in Murphysburg

The Julius Fischer House

315 South Sergeant Circa 1880's  I-FarmhouseThis sweet house in Murphysburg house is for SALE! If you would like a 3 BR 2.5 bath home with a basement, on a Double Lot with a 6 car garage (This is not a typo, there are SIX garages), all within walking distance of...

Holly Hills 210 Duquesne Road

210 South Duquesne Road.   Sale details! Craftsman-styled house built by one of Joplin's earliest mine operators and bankers, Alfred C. Moore. The Moores, moved to Joplin to pursue mining and banking interests during Joplin's lead and zinc boom, started...

The Fredrick H. Rogers House | North Heights Historic District

The Fredrick H. Rogers House |  Designed by prominent Joplin architect Austin Allen  Located in the North Heights Historic District | 536 North Wall  For sale info The Frederick H. Rogers house is associated with two prominent Joplin residents....

The William B McAntire House

524 West Fifth
Circa1905 ~ Queen Anne
Architectural details are, Palladian window, Pediment, Bay window

The Katherine J. (Foley) Douthat House

531 South Sergeant Avenue
Circa 1932 ~ Tudor Revival
Featured architectural details, Art glass

Looking to move into one of our historic homes? This is the perfect place to find out all of the information about the homes that are available in our neighborhood!

How Tax Credits Work

Historic buildings are tangible links with the past. They help give a community a sense of identity, stability, and orientation. The Federal government encourages the preservation of historic buildings through various means.  Start here!

Architectural elements you can discover in Murphysburg

Elements of Architecture

The Murphysburg Historic District appears much as it did during the period of significance (1880-1965) and as a whole retains all aspects of integrity. One hundred twenty-six of the 153 (82%) primary resources are contributing to the District while three of the primary resources were previously listed in the National Register of Historic Places. These resources remain in their original locations within the neighborhood and just west of the downtown commercial center. The residential setting has streets lined with sidewalks, mature trees, and houses on widely-spaced lots, as it did when it was initially platted.

Commercial areas have developed to the south and east, but these do not compromise the integrity of the District. The District clearly communicates its associations with and feelings about the patterns of residential development and the breadth of architectural styles that shaped the community of Joplin from the late 1800s into the mid-twentieth century.

The majority of resources retain their original design, materials, and workmanship. The array of architectural styles represented by the original designs, including National Folk Forms, Queen Anne, and Revival Styles, remains intact throughout the District. The majority of the resources have their original form and materials, such as limestone foundations, wood siding, and wood windows.

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HMP Volunteer Board Members

President: Mary Ann Neff,  Vice President: Chris Ferguson,

Secretary: Mary Anne Phillips, Treasurer: Paula Callihan,

Direstors: Wayne Stephenson and Gaye Pate ~ 417-483-3116